Pretoria news business report


Pretoria news business report

July Reporting dishonest or irregular trust account issues Some attorneys, when they come across a situation that indicates that a colleague they are dealing with has clearly done something irregular with their trust account, try to avoid the issue.

Sometimes it is used as a negotiating point with the other party and in other cases it is simply forgotten about as part of the settlement of a matter.

In other words, if you come across such an instance, you have an obligation to report it to the Law Society and will obviously be guilty of contravening rule It is so terribly sad that the Road Accident Fund has managed to make so many people believe, as Donald Trump has with the poor in America that he and they are fighting for their interests.

This is something we all need to combat and to combat strongly with the Road Accident Fund settling an ever-increasing percentage of the cases in South Africa directly.

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Certainly the ones I have come across have been under-settled and sometimes quite dramatically. That is the term they use in this article.

It seems to suggest that the Road Accident Fund will do their job just perfectly well without the involvement of attorneys. That is simply not the case and it is something that the Law Societies need to start challenging. An intermediary, according to the dictionary, is somebody who acts as a link between two parties in order to bring about an agreement or reconciliation — almost a mediator.

It is disturbing that the Road Accident Fund is trying to describe attorneys in such a way. I would suggest that each one of you address this with your own Law Society and demand that they take up what appears to be a new tactic of the Road Accident Fund in suggesting that the role of attorneys is simply to act as mediators in such cases.

Language as you know is very important and it is a little bit worrying that such specific language is being used in this instance to describe attorneys.

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One wonders what the purpose behind that is. I would argue that in launching this campaign without disclosing to the public the many claims that they have under settled amounts to a flagrant fraud on the public. The biggest problem right now is the issue of the Road Accident Fund taking so long to make payments.

Some people struggle to believe that their attorneys are telling them the truth when they tell them that some cases can take as long as 8 or 9 months to be paid, and that is just the capital payment in a matter and not the party and party cost refund.

The bottom line is that at the current time the Road Accident Fund has a deficit of approximately R9 billion and they estimate that it will grow to R11 billion by the end of February It does not mean somebody must not do a claim, or that they will never be paid — it just means that when their case is finalised they have to be patient and understand that there is a limit to what their attorney can do.

It is easy for people to say that one should send in the Sheriff, but when one sends in the Sheriff the Road Accident Fund claims that their assets have already been attached by another attorney, and that their assets largely constitute computers which they need to make payments.

It certainly will not help anybody if an application is brought and ends up resulting in payments being suspended, and so it really requires patience by everybody involved in this work. They focus on paying cases settled for R ,00 first and then delaying the bigger payments.

Somebody with a good brain and who is hard working and with excellent client liaison skills will always do well in any field, no matter how many challenges they face.

pretoria news business report

One cannot however ignore that unfortunately law degrees have become far too popular, especially after they were made much easier to obtain when you no longer had to get an under-graduate, or first degree first, before studying a law degree.

The advantage of having that first degree is that you have a chance to get an education, to study various other subjects and not just learn about a very narrow field of law. Too many younger attorneys being admitted to the profession have a very little idea as to what is going on in the world and I think to be a good attorney, you do need to have an idea of what is going on in business, politics and the world you live in and be able to adapt to it.

Those who do not read newspapers or at least the news online, are very unlikely, in my opinion, to succeed, and I can say without exception that the successful attorneys as well as advocates that I know are equally conversant on the law as they are on what sport event took place on that day, what the latest in South African politics is, the world economy or other such issues.

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As South. Reporting dishonest or irregular trust account issues Some attorneys, when they come across a situation that indicates that a colleague they are dealing with has clearly done something irregular with their trust account, try to avoid the issue.

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pretoria news business report

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