First week of school writing activities 5th grade

Fun with force and motion! Kristen Smith Oh my goodness. We learned all about gravity, forces, motions and had a science investigation each afternoon to help us understand these concepts.

First week of school writing activities 5th grade

Preparing for the first week of 5th grade Monday, July 27, Summer is almost over.

first week of school writing activities 5th grade

I got out in mid May and go back next Thursday, so I know for some of you summer is very much still happening, but for me it is coming to an end! The next week we start our first novel and regular week. This way I can see exactly how much time I have to teach things before we assess them.

I also use this planner to roughly plan out what is being taught on what days.

Fifth grade First Days of School Lessonplans, homework, quizzes

This is NOT my lesson planner. I use another planner for that. I also write in major testing windows like the STAR test. So, what does those first three days look like? I have a few back up activities that are good for pulling out if needed, but I try not to plan too many must do activities because the schedule is always changing those first few days or at least this has been my experience the past two years.

This is really different from when I taught first grade. I remember the first few days of school in 1st I was always running out of things for the kids to do while we were doing sight word testing and other benchmark assessments. Having the kids for only a certain amount of time means you can get off track quickly!

I LOVE starting back right in the middle of the week. If we start back on Monday, I feel like we have too much time to do beginning of the year activities, but not enough time to begin a full, regular weekly routine. What day of the week do you start back on? Day One So the first day is busy, busy, busy!

The very first thing we do is go over the class syllabus so the kids and parents! I have the kids take this home and get their parents to sign it. The kids keep it in their binder for the entire year. If you want to see my syllabus, let me know! Fifth graders are still kids too and they love to do fun things like this!

You can grab a free copy of the template here. Next we begin our student interest survey.

I love these because I get to see what kind of reader each kid is and more about their personality. It has questions like what kinds of books they like to read, their favorite hobby, tv shows, etc.

I got this idea from the absolutely life changing book The Book Whisperer. This year, the plan is to finish any work from the previous day.

Those who have finished will go ahead and visit our classroom library for the first time and pick out a book! Then, as others finish, they can choose their first book too.

We have weekly library visits where the kids get two books, usually a picture book and a chapter book. I teach in the building that is the farthest away from the library and everything! I let students have a lot of say about the books I purchase.

When I give out Scholastic book orders, I have the students create a wish list and then I find books that many students request and try and use bonus points to get those.

On my end of the year reflection survey last year, one of my sweet girls wrote that our classroom library helped her discover that she loved reading.

Fifth grade First Days of School

This, of course, took some getting use to and we had to allot time to go over rules and how to use these devices.These first grade activities are an easy way to help your child further develop her skills in reading, writing, math, and science.

In addition to being educational, these printable first grade games are also fun! Activities for first grade include games like nursery rhyme mad libs, bowling for. LEARNING IS WINNING AT TMS. Welcome to the Tchefuncte Middle School Website!

Our website includes many valuable resources concerning our school to assist students, teachers, parents, and even visitors to the community.

ABCya First! Grade children's computer games & activities feature large and easy-to-use navigation buttons as well as voice instructions. Games and activities include: alphabetical. First Week of School Activities Pack for 5th grade includes everything you'll need to establish a positive classroom environment right from the start!

Teaching Haiku Poetry: Links, Resources, Ideas.

The back to school glyph, first of the year flip book, STEM challenge, and interest inventories are sure to help you understand your4/5(). Congratulations on getting fourth grade. It is my favorite grade to teach. I have several things I do the first week of school.

The first day includes a lot of introductions, explanations, and talking. I try to break it up with several different activities. 1. First Day Back to School - Classroom Checkbook Challenge This is a fun back to school project. Students write checks to their classmates.

Their classmates give to payees clues to a puzzle.

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